Monday, November 14, 2011


Danny from BlackMold Printed up a bunch of huldrekall and blackmold patches. the ones shown are just a sample of the various colors of patch material and ink we have available. For the time being ill be giving them out with any tapes ordered, if you want one or a few just hit me up and let me know if you have any sort of color preference.

Mania & Huldrekall

It brings me great pleasure to announce the arrival of Einsamkeit 004! Mania from Salem open with 2 tracks of unrelenting black chaos. Sometimes fast, other times slow and hypnotic, Mania shows itself to be a force to be reckoned with yet again.  Huldrekall from Olympia/Seattle follow it up with 3 tracks of psychedelic depressive black metal with an occasional hardcore/crust edge.  This album was a split release between myself and Nate from Mania's label Eternal Warfare. Pressed in 200 copies, you can get a hold of one of these from the eternal warfare page or from me. As always tapes are $6ppd US and $7ppd WORLD just get in contact with me.