Sunday, September 4, 2016

Waul of the Weald and Deprogram tapes are here!

Ive got today two very different new tapes to add to the roster.

First up is a new full length by Waul of the Weald. WOTW is a solo project by Webby who plays with Sangre de Muerdago and is a beautiful offering of forest folk from the woods of northern California.  Very epic and calming tunes played on 12 string guitar amongst other strings with lower male vocals. Recommended for fans of Tenhi, Sangre de Muerdago, October Falls and River.

Second up is a new demo from Olympia based D-Beat/Punk band Deprogram. This their first demo/release and is incredibly ripping and politically charged D-Beat in the style of genre classics like Discharge, Anti-Cimex and Doom.

For a full list of currently available releases check HERE . All tapes are $6 plus postage, if your interested in anything send me an email with what you would like and where you are located and I'll send you a total including shipping.