Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Huldrekall, Icesword and Ox 1/5/16

Huldrekall is playing a show coming up on Tuesday January 5th at the Crypt in Olympia. Were playing with two extremely glorious blackened fantasy metal bands, Ox, from Olympia and Icesword, from Flagstaff, Arizona. The show should be a lot of fun and the line-up is utterly beastly.  I think we might be playing first and seeing as its a Tuesday, we'll try and get the bands started at 9 sharp. We'll be playing a new track from our upcoming full length, so per usual, show up on time or face endless disappointment!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Huldrekall-Beneath Oblivion-Badr Vogu-Spectral Hatchery 11/21/15

Coming up soon Huldrekall will be performing at Cryptatropa in Olympia. We will be joined by up and coming Oly black metalers Spectral Hatchery (member of Twilight Falls/Mercury) , ultra doom maniacs Beneath Oblivion from Cincinnati, OH and crust/doom overlords Badr Vogu from Oakland, CA. With four bands playing the show will be starting promptly at 9, so show up on time or face ENDLESS DISAPPOINTMENT!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

General News Update

First order of Business, there will be a few cover band shows in Olympia this Halloween. The most noteworthy (in my opinion) will be a house show at 1611 4th street. The line-up as far as i know goes as follows: Crucifucks, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Flipper, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and Minor Threat.  Alex and I (Dylan) will be playing 2 sets together in Black Sabbath and Minor Threat! It should be a blast so if you're in the Oly area come on out.

2nd. Huldrekall will be playing our first show in almost 3 months the week after Halloween. On November 8th we'll be playing with Devoid from SF and He Whose Ox is Gored from Seattle at Le Voyuer here in Oly. We'll be playing stuff from our full length and some oldies from the split with L'Acephale for the first time with Alex on bass. HERE is the event link.

3rd. We've come into contact with a Greece based anarcho-crust/black metal collective called "The Dark Skies Above Us".  We've joined up with them and wanted to post their mission statement in solidarity.

4th. An ally on the east coast has designed a Huldrekall Facebook fan-page. you can check it out HERE. Thanks to Brent for making the page

Monday, September 7, 2015

New Shirts Available Now! + Lyrics update

SOOOOO in case anyone was wondering where we stand, I present to you new Huldrekall shirts! The shirts are 2 color white and red ink on black t-shirts and are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Because of the 2nd color these shirts are $12 plus shipping. like with tapes, to order contact me at einsamkristall@gmail.com and let me know what you would like and where you are located so i can send you a total including shipping.

Also i added the lyrics to each track from Into the Æther to the bandcamp page if anyone is interested in what it's about.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


So after much anticipation and far too much work I am pleased to announce the arrival of six new(ish) tapes. They are as follows:

E - 001 Twilight Falls - Lore From an Ancient Forest

2nd repress of original 2004 Tape. Pro-dubbed and hand labeled. Limited to 145 hand numbered copies on card stock with new artwork. Includes 2 bonus tracks from Twilight Falls / Bleak split "Ode to Nothingness". Repeats on both sides. Twilight Falls was/is a musical entity from the west coast of America playing a style of black metal that is extremely harsh yet beautifully melodic. going between passages of intense black metal and beautiful yet twisted acoustic and ambient, this tape is seriously awesome. I cant compare it to any band cause it has a sound and style all its own. Includes members of Boreal and Stellar Decent.

E - 011 Alda - Passage

2nd press.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled. Limited to 200 hand numbered copies on card stock.  Alda, from rural Pierce County, Cascadia plays fantastically beautiful melodic black metal in a similaresque style to Bergtatt era Ulver.  Passage is their 2nd full length offering and their best yet in my opinion.  This album includes their trademark melodic black metal sound mixed with occasional clean vocals and glorious acoustic passages.

E - 012 Huldrekall - Into the Æther

2nd press.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled. Limited to 200 hand numbered copies on card stock w/ full color artwork.  Huldrekall is from Olympia, Cascadia and play psychedelic black metal with heavy crust punk undertones.   Into the Æther is our first full length and includes some of the most intense output we have created yet.  Includes lots of fast blast beats, headbanging riffs and ambient acoustic/synth elements.   For fans of Taake,  Nagelfar and Ludicra.

E - 013 BlackMold - Demos Compilation

Repress of 2 demos on one tape.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled.  Limited to 100 hand numbered copies on card stock.  Includes BlackMold Rehearsal Demo 2013 (side A) and Reign in Filth Demo 2011 (side B) .  BlackMold dwells in and around the Olympia area and plays heavy crust metal in a similar vein to Axegrinder, Motorhead and Mercyful Fate.  This collection of demos is being repressed in anticipation of the first BlackMold full length, due to be recorded/released this coming fall/winter.

E - 014 River - River

1st Repress, originally released by Eternal Warfare in 2010.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled.  Limited to 100 copies on card stock.  River hails from multiple locations in the western Washington and Oregon areas and includes members of Mania, Alda and Huldrekall.  This was our 1st full length and is an all acoustic and instrumental neo-folk album in a similar vein as Ulver's Kveldssanger album.  This album is being repressed in anticipation of a new River full length, due to be recorded and released this coming Fall/Winter as well.

E - 015 Mania - Revel

1st press on tape.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled.  Limited to 100 copies on card stock.  Includes amazing artwork by Eric Stotik.  This is Mania's most recent full length and continues on in his trademark twisted black metal/doom sound.   Lots of ambient influence and intense blast beats sends this release waaaay over the top.  Highly recommended for fans of Ruins of Beverast and other depraved blackened doom.

In addition to the above I still have some copies of Mercury - Inari and Wake - Discography. As well as Huldrekall "wolves" shirts and will very soon(within the week) have new Huldrekall "Nazi Metalheads Fuck Off" shirts. Ill post as soon as those are available. Unfortunately due to the rising cost of bulk tapes and photo-copying all tapes will be $6 dollars from now on. If you are interested email me at einsamkristall@gmail.com and include what you would like and where you are located so i can send you a total including shipping.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Huldrekall and Gloam in Olympia + Re-press' aplenty + Mania - Revel Cassette

So quite a bit of news,

First off Huldrekall is playing with Abyss (death metal from Toronto) Gloam (Santa Cruz black/doom) and Gag (Oly Hardcore) at Obsidian in downtown Olympia next friday, 7/31. I think that we are opening so show up at 9 if you actually wanna see us!

2nd: Im finally pressing the Mania album "Revel" on cassette, the 1st pressing will be limited to 100 copies and will be available in a few weeks.

3rd: im repressing a handful of older Einsamkeit releases. the releases are as follows:

E- 001 - Twilight Falls - Lore From an Ancient Forest . 2nd press limited to 100 copies with new artwork and 2 bonus tracks

E-003 & 010 - BlackMold - Reign in Filth + BlackMold. 2 demos on 1 tape, limited to 100 copies

E-011- Alda - Passage . 2nd press limited to 200 copies

E-012 - Huldrekall - Into The Æther . 2nd press limited to 200 copies

322-17 - River - Self Titled . I didn't do the first press but im doing the second. 2nd press limited to 100 copies

Im getting all of these tapes at the same time and will post them each as they are available. per usual i will have all releases available for wholesale cost to interested labels/distros. 

Lastly all Emails, Inquireys and Paypal payments can be directed to einsamkristall @ gmail.com from now on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Merch

 Ive got copies of the new full length on tape and cd. 100 tapes and 50 cd's were made and ive got the left overs from tour. 

Huldrekall Moon logo Patches in White or Silver(not pictured)
also available as a sticker or 1" pin

BlackMold patches 

Huldrekall Long logo's in White or Silver

Huldrekall Wolves shirt. White ink on Black shirts. Available in sizes Small-XXlarge. For now there is a limited amount of Mediums available but we'll be getting more soon. we have stickers of the same design as well

Tapes / CD's - $5
Shirts - $10
Patches - $1
Pins / Stickers - Free

these are all priced not including shipping. if your interested in anything send an email to goblinzrulz@gmail.com and let me know what you want and where you're at so i can give you a shipping quote.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Iskra, Wilt, Huldrekall and Viveka at Le Voyuer 7/5/15

Into the Æther available for free download

The new album is finally complete! An Edition of 100 tapes and 50 cds have been made and will be available on our tour, as well as the new Alda tape "Passage". any copies left after tour will be made available online, and if theres nothing left then another pressing will follow shortly.  click above to get to our bandcamp page.  the online store is closed untill we get back from tour, hope to see you somewhere down the coast!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Tour Poster

We should have copies of the new full length on cd and perhaps cassette in time for our Seattle show with Hell. either way both versions will be available on our tour and online when we get back.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Alda and Huldrekall West Coast Tour Dates

So it brings me great pleasure to announce the dates for an upcoming Huldrekall and Alda west coast tour. The dates are as follows:

Fri 6/5 - Olympia, WA @ Obsidian w/ Spectral Hatchery

Sat 6/6 - Salem, OR @ the Wisp House w/ Mania

Sun 6/7 - Eugene, OR @ Old Nick's w/ Hiding

Wed 6/10 - Chico, CA @ Monstro's Pizza

Thu 6/11 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Cafe Pergolesi w/ Grievance

Fri 6/12 - Oakland, CA @ the Golden Bull

Sat 6/13 - Ashland, OR @ Base Kamp Awesome

Sun 6/14 - Portland, OR @ High Water Mark w/ Hail & Urzeit

We are looking for a spot to play on monday or tuesday in northern california if anyone has any suggestions please get in touch.

I would like to mention a number of other planned shows happening before and after the tour:

Sat 5/30 - Olympia, WA @ Cryptatropa - Cavernous Womb and Hell +1 more

Sun 5/31 - Seattle, WA @ the Highline - Huldrekall, Hell and Wilt

Fri 7/31 - Olympia, WA @ Obsidian - Huldrekall and Gloam +1

I will post pictures of the flyers as they are made.

 I would also like to mention that we are in the final steps of mixing our new full length and i will post the tracks for free on our bandcamp once they are finished. we will have copies of the new full length on cd-r and possibly cassette with us on tour, but we will see. We've got new t-shirts in the works as well, i will post pictures once they are available. Labels interested in distroing the new album get in touch

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Recording and Tour plans

Greetings again, I am very pleased to announce that all tracks are finally recorded for our new full length and we'll begin mixing very soon. The new album titled, "Into the Æther", will be released on pro-tape by Einsamkeit in the coming months. We should have a tour only pre-release tape/cd-r edition in time for our upcoming west coast tour with Alda. I will post more information regarding both the new album and further tour details as things unfold. We should have new t-shirts, stickers and patches within the next month or so as well but we shall see...

Saturday, February 14, 2015

New interview and Recording

So after much preperation Huldrekall is entering the studio once again to complete our first full length. We were also recently interviewed by Brazilian black metal blog Mondo Satania, you can read it HERE

Monday, January 19, 2015

Huldrekall in Seattle next Sunday 1/25/15

So Huldrekall is playing in Seattle this next coming week with Audrey Horn(of Twin Peaks fame) and Morose who is playing their first show. Show is at the Fortress of the Fire Breathing Kangaroo in georgetown, text 206-769-6073 if you need directions.  Festivities will start at 9 sharp so be there or be a fucking loser......