Saturday, December 13, 2014

news update

So first off thanks to everyone that came out to the show last night at the crypt with cold blue mountain. Secondly i wanted to mention that i made a bandcamp page for Huldrekall and that you can listen to and download the tracks from our splits with Mania and L'Acephale for free. Ive also got copies of a cd-r we recently released which includes the above mentioned tracks and comes with a hand painted cardstock case and 11x17" poster. The first set of cd'rs i made have sewn sides on the case and the new ones are folded closed. The cdr's are $6 on the bandcamp page but if you email me and ask about them i'll sell em for $5. Huldrekall is looking to book shows in Seattle and Portland at the end of January, i'll post more info as soon as its set in stone. Until next time...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Huldrekall shows and new full length

So first things first, Huldrekall has got 2 shows planned for the next few months. First is this coming Friday December 12th at Cryptatropa here in Olympia with Cold Blue Mountain and 1 other. Bands start at 9:30 sharp!

The second show will be at Obsidian on January 11th with Usnea, Badr Vogu, and Wilt.  Should be super fucking heavy so be there or be square

Also I want to mention that Huldrekall is currently busy recording for an as of yet unnamed new full length. We should be finishing up the recording later this month and ideally it will be out on cassette by February.

In other Einsamkeit news, i will be releasing Mania's most recent full length "Revel" sometime soon. Funds are drasticly low (big surprise there) so im not sure exactly when it will be out, but soon indeed.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BlackMold Rehearsal MC + Huldrekall shows 1/22 & 2/7

So after a few years of silence, BlackMold once again has began to spread its way out of the foul depths, and after many years of thriving underground its stronger then ever before. Thats right after too long without word BlackMold returns with this limited rehearsal tape. Five tracks of heavy crusty metal for fans of MERCYFUL FATE, AXEGRINDER, and AMEBIX, definitely not recommended for fans of SCION RECORDS. Whilst not being an official Einsamkeit release, i'll have copies available for the next few months to those that are interested in hearing what we've been up to and can't wait till we finish the long awaited full length, which will hopefully be finished in the next months to come.

Also whilst I'm at it I would like to mention that Huldrekall will be playing two shows in Olympia in the next few weeks. The first will be on the 22nd of this month at Cryptatropa in downtown Oly, with ultra heavy sludgesters Cold Blue Mountain (from Chico, CA feat. members of AMAROK). The 2nd show will be on the 7th of February  with Rye Wolves, location TBA.

 Contact me for any info about the shows or any releases.