Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Einsamkeit 009 Mercury - Inari MC + Distro Update

So after many months of mis/dropped communications it brings me great pleasure to announce the arrival of "Inari", the latest release by kvlt cascadian dark ambient project Mercury.  Two tracks ranging from mellow psychedelic drone to pulsing hypnotic darkness, featuring members of Boreal, Twilight Falls and Hypnogogia. Pro tape limited to 200 hand numbered copies. Highly recommended for fans of Paysage D'Hiver's more ambient works.

Im also glad to announce that the gears are finally in motion for the long awaited River/Vradiazei split 7".  Michael and i traveled to portland yesterday to lay down mandolin, bodhran and vocal tracks, were hoping to have our side recorded and mixed within the next month or so....

So ive gotten some messages lately regarding what ive currently got in stock, so i figured id just post it. Ill try to keep this list updated, but as of 12/19/13 i have:

Einsamkeit Releases
E009 Mercury - Inari MC
E005 Cavernous Womb / Aurora Bridge - Split MC (last copies)
E008 Cavernous Womb - Self Titled MC
E007 Wake - Discography MC
E006 Huldrekall / L'Acephale - Split MC and CD-R

Eternal Warfare Releases:
322-29 Nulla Cur - Time.Unfolding.The Universe MC
322-33 Barghest / False - Split MC
322-32 False - Self Titled MC
322-39 Skagos - Anarchic MC

All tapes are $5, CDs are $10.

Also I would like to announce that due to the USPS raising international shipping prices this past year I have decided to start offering a free Einsamkeit tape of your choosing on all international orders to hopefully offset some of the additional cost. Contact me for a shipping quote or with any questions at

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Huldrekall show 5/3/13 + Wake Discography cassette

First up,  Huldrekall will be performing next friday, 5/3, at the Foote St. House here in Olympia with Hall of Mosses and a few others.  I imagine the show will start about 8:30, contact me if you need directions.

Secondly, im proud to announce the completion of Einsamkeit 007, a Wake discography cassette. Wake was a melodic and thrashy Cascadian black metal band that existed as a band from 1/1/08 till roughly June 2009. The A side is the tracks from our demo cd-r from 2008. originally limited to 100, the cd sold out really quick and the tracks haven't been available untill now. The B side is tracks from The Groan of Ancient Pines, our split tape with Skagos.  Pressed on pro-tape limited to 300. Per usual, tapes are $5 plus shipping, send an email to goblinzrulz(at)gmail(dot)com with your quandary and location for a shipping quote. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cavernous Womb +Huldrekall L'Acephale CDs

Well, Eternal Warfare Fest was a fantastic succsess. essentially all of the bands totally ruled, there was tons of good friends around and good times to be had. thanks everyone that came out! Just before the fest i finished putting together a new Cavernous Womb tape.  2, twenty minute tracks of deep space drone, hand numbered and limited to 100 copies.

Also whilst at the fest i picked up some copies of the second pressing of the huldrekall/l'acephale split cd. Brian from L'Acephale/Hyden Venet put these together and once again they look pretty awesome. Tapes are available for $5 plus shipping and the cd's are $10 plus shipping. email me at if your interested, send your zipcode also so that i can figure out the postage rates to your location. And to anybody who is curious, my paypal address is NOT goblinzrulz@gmail but in fact

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Huldrekall/L'Acephale Cassettes + New Huldrekall Shirts

So after much too long of a wait the new Huldrekall & L'Acephale split cassette is finally available! Four new tracks of psychedelic black metal from Huldrekall and one long and incredibly intricate track of epic black metal from L'Acephale. Limited to 300 copies on pro-cassette with hand numbered dropcards.  Due to potage price increases im now simply charging $5 USD plus shipping for all tapes worldwide.

Also me and the other guys from Huldrekall have recently screened some new shirts and patches. Shirts are $10 plus shipping and are currently available in size medium (black ink on tan or dark brown) and in size large (black ink on tan, dark brown, or olive green).  Patches are silver ink on black and are free. just let me know which logo (or both) and ill send em along.

Huldrekall is playing on Saterday 3/30/13 at Eternal Warfare Fest along with L'Acephale, Barghest, False and many other awesome bands. The bands start at 2pm and i think were playing sometime around 4.  River is also playing on Sunday but im not sure what time. All 3 days should be fucking incredible. I will be in Salem from Thursday- Monday and will have my distro with me.

Also when we go down to oregon were going to make some more shirts,  if you would like a size or color that i didnt list above, send me an email and i will make you one of your preference

There are many new releases planned to come out soon, ill keep you posted as they arrive.