Monday, October 24, 2016

Nidstang and Huldrekall News

After a while with little updates im glad to announce some upcoming releases! First off, I started a solo project a few months back and broke in a new 4 track by recording an album. The band is called Nidstang and my first release is titled "Retribution Will Come".  I personally view the musical sound and approach as a solid mix of Ildjarn, Hellhammer and Rudimentary Peni. I'll be sending the files off to be pressed to pro-tape within the week, so hopefully the tapes will be available within a month. For now you can check out the recordings at

Second. Im very glad to announce that tape version of Huldrekall's yet unreleased full length "What Else Will Fade?" is in production and will be available soon. There have been many delays cause by a lot of factors but weve decided to release the tape version first while we continue to sort out the details of the LP and CD versions. More news will be posted as soon as solid confirmations are available.

Third, Huldrekall has comepleted recording and mixing of a new track that will be featured on an upcoming split 7" with fellow Olympians Spektral Hatchery. More news will come as its figured out but hopefully production will begin soon!

New bandcamp page + Moondawn show

So I've put together a new label page on bandcamp for Einsamkeit. Slowly I'll be adding most bands and releases that ive worked with and in turn tapes and what not will be easier to order. For people wanting to do things the oldschool way, i will still gladly be accepting orders through email as always. You can check out the page HERE

Secondly, Moondawn will be performing here in Olympia at Cryptatropa on Thursday 11/10 with Eye of Nix, Influence Machine and Spektral Hatchery. Heres the flyer: