Monday, June 13, 2016

Huldrekall Recording, Mercury/Cavernous Womb + General News Update

It brings me much pleasure to announce that the Huldrekall west coast tour went over fantastically and that recording for our upcoming full length is complete! We now begin the mixing and mastering stage but the most difficult aspects are done and over with. We will also be performing in Seattle next month on monday the 18th at Black Lodge with the mighty Barghest! I'll post the flyer once its available.

Im also pleased to announce the arrival of E-016 "Mercury / Cavernous Womb" split. 100 copies on pro-dubbed and inlayed cassettes with hand made and numbered J-cards.  Mercury's side is split into a two part epic of dark droning synth and heavy psychedelic acoustic guitar. The Cavernous Womb side is one long hypnotic piece comprised of dueling synths and percussion. Both side would be well suited for your next trip into the astral plane.  To commemorate the arrival of the new tape we will be hosting a show for both projects within the next few weeks here in Olympia. More details will be posted as things solidify.

Here is a list of all the tapes i currently have available and what will be coming in the next few seasons (except the Mercury/Cavernous Womb which is already in). I'm sending out for the Waul of the Weald and Deprogram tapes within the next week or so so those will be the next up. I'll keep you posted as to further happenings. All tapes are $6 plus shipping, if your interested in ordering you can do so by emailing me and letting me know what you would like and where your located, or you can do it through the Big Cartel page HERE.  Until next time...