Friday, July 29, 2011

Twilight Falls-Lore From an Ancient Forest

So for archival reasons here is einsamkeit 001, a re-release of Twilight Falls' Lore From an Ancient Forest.  It came out winter of 2009-10 and only 100 were made. Twilight Falls was a two-piece from Eugene, OR and this, their only full length, was originally released in 03-04 in limited quantity. Very harsh yet melodic and beautiful, lore from an ancient forest is an amazingly composed album. it may be a little sloppy at times but the passion is there 100% and is definitly one of my favorite 1st wave cascadian black metal bands.  as of this posting i still have 2 copies left of the tape and like the others it is available for $6ppd US and 7ppd world......

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