Saturday, April 27, 2013

Huldrekall show 5/3/13 + Wake Discography cassette

First up,  Huldrekall will be performing next friday, 5/3, at the Foote St. House here in Olympia with Hall of Mosses and a few others.  I imagine the show will start about 8:30, contact me if you need directions.

Secondly, im proud to announce the completion of Einsamkeit 007, a Wake discography cassette. Wake was a melodic and thrashy Cascadian black metal band that existed as a band from 1/1/08 till roughly June 2009. The A side is the tracks from our demo cd-r from 2008. originally limited to 100, the cd sold out really quick and the tracks haven't been available untill now. The B side is tracks from The Groan of Ancient Pines, our split tape with Skagos.  Pressed on pro-tape limited to 300. Per usual, tapes are $5 plus shipping, send an email to goblinzrulz(at)gmail(dot)com with your quandary and location for a shipping quote. 

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