Saturday, December 13, 2014

news update

So first off thanks to everyone that came out to the show last night at the crypt with cold blue mountain. Secondly i wanted to mention that i made a bandcamp page for Huldrekall and that you can listen to and download the tracks from our splits with Mania and L'Acephale for free. Ive also got copies of a cd-r we recently released which includes the above mentioned tracks and comes with a hand painted cardstock case and 11x17" poster. The first set of cd'rs i made have sewn sides on the case and the new ones are folded closed. The cdr's are $6 on the bandcamp page but if you email me and ask about them i'll sell em for $5. Huldrekall is looking to book shows in Seattle and Portland at the end of January, i'll post more info as soon as its set in stone. Until next time...

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