Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Huldrekall West Coast Tour 2016! + Moondawn Recordings

I'm pleased to announce that Huldrekall will be embarking on a tour down the coast at the end of May. Here's the show info:

Thurs 5/26 - Olympia, WA @ Flophouse w/ Ox, Perfect People & Quayde Lahue
Sat 2/28 - Seattle, WA @ Substation w/ Addaura and Atriarch
Sun 5/29 - Portland, OR @ High Water Mark w/ Mania, Hail and Withering of Light
Wed 6/1 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Cafe Pergolessi w/Death Monk & Disgusted Geist
Thurs 6/2 - Oakland, CA @ The Golden Bull w/ Void Omnia, Scarz & Barren Altar
Fri 6/3 - Chico, CA @ Monstro's Pizza w/ Tiny Knives, Pink Bandana, Tri-Lateral Dirts Commission
Sat 6/4 - Eugene, OR @ Ritval w/ Tawuse Malek and Randall T. Collier-Ford
Sun 6/5 - Olympia, WA @ Cryptatropa w/ Savage and Scalafreya

If anyone is able to help out with our Sacramento show it would be much

In other news, we put together a soundcloud page for Moondawn. You can listen to the recordings we've made so far HERE

also I put together a big cartel page to make ordeing easier. You can find it HERE

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