Friday, August 18, 2017

New Zelosis Tape Now Available

So it's been a hectic Summer so far! After a bit of time off from doing label stuff I present today the new full length by Zelosis, Whitethorn CA's premier crust/prog/black metal band. I really don't even know how to best describe these guy's music so check it out HERE. It's totally awesome, Sometimes its got an older Neurosis feeling, sometimes it's a little more like mid 90's Enslaved, other times it just does whatever the hell it wants. All in all a very original and refreshing release. Zelosis also features Webi of Waul of the Weald and Sangre de Muerdago renown and if you were interested in WOTW but also enjoy metal I would highly recommend checking out this new release. They will be on tour all the way across the US starting at the end of August so check their Facebook page to see if they're playing near you!

In other news I've been playing drums with a new band in Olympia called Hoarder. The music style is very much focused towards hardcore with a lot of late-80's youth crew and early 00's fastcore type influence. We just finished recording a new 10 song cassette that will be self-released in early september and will be playing a handful of shows down the coast next month as well. The dates so far are planned as:

9/12 - Olympia, WA
9/13 - Seattle, WA
9/14 - Salem/Eugene, OR
9/15 - Oakland, CA
9/16 - San Francisco, CA
9/17 - Portland, OR

Ill post more info as it gets ironed out.

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