Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Releases

So, its been quite a while since the last post.  The craziness of spring and summer kept me very busy and I've had even less funds at my disposal, however this does not mean there are no planned releases. With the Autumn here and Winter quickly approaching i am proud to announce 4 new releases coming soon:

 The First new release i will be completing is a split tape from Aurora Bridge and Cavernous Womb. Aurora Bridge are a extreme sludge/doom 3 piece from Seattle who for this release have gone much more in a harsh/dissonant noise direction. Cavernous Womb is an Ambient project including myself and Clay from Huldrekall. The CV side is deep-space ambient/drone representative of floating through the void. Both sides are recorded and I've got the tapes so far, just waiting on finishing the artwork, but i should be done very soon.

2nd. Huldrekall/L'Acephale Split Tape. 4 new songs from Huldrekall and 1 new track from L'Acephale. Both bands delivering intense melodic black metal from the northwest.

3rd will be a the first ever Einsamkeit vinyl release and the 2nd einsamkeit/eternal warfare joint release. A split 7" including River and Vradiazei. 1 new song from each of the bands, this is some of the best stuff either band has recorded to date. keep an eye out for this hopefully within the next few months.

and last but certainly not least will be a new full length tape from Mercury of Olympia, WA.  Mercury is a ritualistic dark ambient band featuring Ash Fox, guitarist and vocalist of Twilight Falls and sole proprietor of Boreal. 2, 20+ minute tracks that build and implode in the most beautiful of ways.

I will post each release as it becomes finished and available. thanks,- Dylan/Einsamkeit

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