Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Aurora Bridge/Cavernous Womb, Huldrekall/L'Acephale

2 new releases for you.

1st. Aurora Bridge/Cavernous Womb split tape. One track from each band, 40 min each of intense psychedelic drone. The Aurora Bridge side is a bit more harsh while the Cavernous Womb side is considerably more ethereal. 

2nd. Huldrekall/L'Acephale split CD-R.  Brian from L'Acephale/Hyden Venet came up with the idea to make CD-Rs of the new album so that it would be available before the tapes get in. Very deluxe packaging for a CD-r. Only 50 copies were made but i only have about 10 of my share left.  I imagine this will go quickly, however if you don't mind waiting a few weeks the cassette will be here hopefully around the turn of the year.  As the previous post states you can look forward to a heavy dosage if grim and melodic black metal from both bands on this one

Tapes are $6ppd US and $5 plus shipping WORLD
CDs are 11ppd US and $10 plus shipping WORLD
email me for any questions or extra info-dylan/einsamkeit

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  1. Can you write down your email so i can contact you?