Saturday, September 5, 2015


So after much anticipation and far too much work I am pleased to announce the arrival of six new(ish) tapes. They are as follows:

E - 001 Twilight Falls - Lore From an Ancient Forest

2nd repress of original 2004 Tape. Pro-dubbed and hand labeled. Limited to 145 hand numbered copies on card stock with new artwork. Includes 2 bonus tracks from Twilight Falls / Bleak split "Ode to Nothingness". Repeats on both sides. Twilight Falls was/is a musical entity from the west coast of America playing a style of black metal that is extremely harsh yet beautifully melodic. going between passages of intense black metal and beautiful yet twisted acoustic and ambient, this tape is seriously awesome. I cant compare it to any band cause it has a sound and style all its own. Includes members of Boreal and Stellar Decent.

E - 011 Alda - Passage

2nd press.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled. Limited to 200 hand numbered copies on card stock.  Alda, from rural Pierce County, Cascadia plays fantastically beautiful melodic black metal in a similaresque style to Bergtatt era Ulver.  Passage is their 2nd full length offering and their best yet in my opinion.  This album includes their trademark melodic black metal sound mixed with occasional clean vocals and glorious acoustic passages.

E - 012 Huldrekall - Into the Æther

2nd press.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled. Limited to 200 hand numbered copies on card stock w/ full color artwork.  Huldrekall is from Olympia, Cascadia and play psychedelic black metal with heavy crust punk undertones.   Into the Æther is our first full length and includes some of the most intense output we have created yet.  Includes lots of fast blast beats, headbanging riffs and ambient acoustic/synth elements.   For fans of Taake,  Nagelfar and Ludicra.

E - 013 BlackMold - Demos Compilation

Repress of 2 demos on one tape.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled.  Limited to 100 hand numbered copies on card stock.  Includes BlackMold Rehearsal Demo 2013 (side A) and Reign in Filth Demo 2011 (side B) .  BlackMold dwells in and around the Olympia area and plays heavy crust metal in a similar vein to Axegrinder, Motorhead and Mercyful Fate.  This collection of demos is being repressed in anticipation of the first BlackMold full length, due to be recorded/released this coming fall/winter.

E - 014 River - River

1st Repress, originally released by Eternal Warfare in 2010.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled.  Limited to 100 copies on card stock.  River hails from multiple locations in the western Washington and Oregon areas and includes members of Mania, Alda and Huldrekall.  This was our 1st full length and is an all acoustic and instrumental neo-folk album in a similar vein as Ulver's Kveldssanger album.  This album is being repressed in anticipation of a new River full length, due to be recorded and released this coming Fall/Winter as well.

E - 015 Mania - Revel

1st press on tape.  Pro-dubbed and hand labeled.  Limited to 100 copies on card stock.  Includes amazing artwork by Eric Stotik.  This is Mania's most recent full length and continues on in his trademark twisted black metal/doom sound.   Lots of ambient influence and intense blast beats sends this release waaaay over the top.  Highly recommended for fans of Ruins of Beverast and other depraved blackened doom.

In addition to the above I still have some copies of Mercury - Inari and Wake - Discography. As well as Huldrekall "wolves" shirts and will very soon(within the week) have new Huldrekall "Nazi Metalheads Fuck Off" shirts. Ill post as soon as those are available. Unfortunately due to the rising cost of bulk tapes and photo-copying all tapes will be $6 dollars from now on. If you are interested email me at and include what you would like and where you are located so i can send you a total including shipping.

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