Thursday, July 23, 2015

Huldrekall and Gloam in Olympia + Re-press' aplenty + Mania - Revel Cassette

So quite a bit of news,

First off Huldrekall is playing with Abyss (death metal from Toronto) Gloam (Santa Cruz black/doom) and Gag (Oly Hardcore) at Obsidian in downtown Olympia next friday, 7/31. I think that we are opening so show up at 9 if you actually wanna see us!

2nd: Im finally pressing the Mania album "Revel" on cassette, the 1st pressing will be limited to 100 copies and will be available in a few weeks.

3rd: im repressing a handful of older Einsamkeit releases. the releases are as follows:

E- 001 - Twilight Falls - Lore From an Ancient Forest . 2nd press limited to 100 copies with new artwork and 2 bonus tracks

E-003 & 010 - BlackMold - Reign in Filth + BlackMold. 2 demos on 1 tape, limited to 100 copies

E-011- Alda - Passage . 2nd press limited to 200 copies

E-012 - Huldrekall - Into The Æther . 2nd press limited to 200 copies

322-17 - River - Self Titled . I didn't do the first press but im doing the second. 2nd press limited to 100 copies

Im getting all of these tapes at the same time and will post them each as they are available. per usual i will have all releases available for wholesale cost to interested labels/distros. 

Lastly all Emails, Inquireys and Paypal payments can be directed to einsamkristall @ from now on.

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